Member Advisory Committee

At My Choice Wisconsin, each of our members receive personalized care services based on their own goals, desires, and abilities. To better understand the member experience and give our members the opportunity to advocate for themselves, the Member Advisory Committee was founded. These ten individuals meet monthly and are empowered to share their opinions and give a voice to all members. Their experiences provide My Choice Wisconsin with invaluable feedback that can help the organization to improve how we provide the best care for our members. Their thoughtful Tell Me Something Good posts can also be found on our News page.

Mission Statement

We are a team of members who represent the diverse age, abilities, culture and geographical areas of the My Choice Wisconsin membership who provide our unique voice to advise and consult with the organization to ensure the quality of care for all our members.

 Committee Focus Areas

  • Member Outreach – Reaching out to our membership to listen and to provide information as well as resources
  • Member Education and Advocacy – Opportunities for members to learn and to develop skills to effectively advocate for themselves and others
  • Member Communication – Communication from the organization to the membership
  • Member Satisfaction – How happy or unhappy members are with the organization, their Care Teams and/or their Providers who support them
  • Member Rights – The rights and responsibilities to be a full partner in deciding health and long-term care services and in deciding how those services are provided

Meet the Member Advisory Committee