​About My Choice Wisconsin

On January 1, 2020, the exciting merger of two highly respected organizations, Care Wisconsin and My Choice Family Care, occurred to become My Choice Wisconsin. Leaders from both entities joined forces to re-envision a Managed Care Organization that delivers innovative and cost-effective programs and services to Wisconsin residents.

Today, My Choice Wisconsin operates across Wisconsin and offers Family Care, Family Care Partnership, Medicare Dual Advantage, Medicaid SSI, and Badger Care Plus. With offices in 14 cities throughout Wisconsin, we strive to be a valued partner within all the communities we serve.  

A homegrown non-profit, My Choice Wisconsin works collaboratively with local agencies and health care providers to ensure our members have ample choices and high-quality support and services from a diverse network. Serving nearly 40,000 members and employing almost 900 staff, My Choice Wisconsin is proud of its long history and is excited to continue serving people throughout Wisconsin for many years to come. To read more about us, click here

The History of Two Remarkable Organizations

Care Wisconsin was founded in 1976 as the Madison area’s first adult day center. In the late 1990’s, Care Wisconsin partnered with state and federal authorities to pilot the first Partnership program in the state of Wisconsin, offering an integrated approach to Medicaid and Medicare services. In 2008, Care Wisconsin was awarded the opportunity to expand service offerings to include the Family Care program in several counties and expand the Partnership program into new service areas. Medicaid SSI and a Medicare Advantage Plan were added to the lines of business in 2015 and 2017 respectively. 

My Choice Family Care was established in 2000, when the concept of Family Care was first introduced as a state-funded Medicaid program offering services that foster independence and quality of life for members while recognizing the need for support. In the summer of 2019, My Choice Family Care acquired Trilogy Health Insurance, a BadgerCare Plus healthcare program that serves individuals who qualify for Medicaid.

Introducing Our Programs